Testing key message

  • About 250,000 people are living with Hep C in Canada. Many people do not know that they have Hep C.
  • It takes two blood tests to tell if you have Hep C:
    • The first test will tell if you have had contact with the Hep C virus in the past. This first test cannot tell if you have Hep C right now.
    • A second test is needed to tell if there is active virus in your body.
  • You may also want to discuss with your healthcare worker getting tests for other viruses like HIV, Hep A and Hep B, because these viruses are passed on from person to person in similar ways.
  • With the right tests, you will have the full picture and can decide what to do next about your health.
  • There is no vaccine or immunity for Hep C. Treatment can cure Hep C in most people, but you can get infected with Hep C again.
  • Ask your healthcare worker about getting tested for Hep C.

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