Living well key message

  • Hepatitis C treatments are very effective at curing the infection. Everyone who has Hep C should talk to their doctor about their options.
  • Eat as well as you can, drink lots of water and get enough rest. One to two cups of coffee each day may also help.
  • Fatty foods, alcohol, street drugs, cigarettes and stress are hard on your liver. If you can cut back on these, you’ll help your liver stay healthy.
  • Some medicines—including ones you get from a doctor and ones you get without a prescription (over the counter)—and complementary therapies can also be hard on the liver. Talk to your healthcare worker about which ones are OK for you.
  • Taking care of your emotional health will help you live better with Hep C. You can talk to someone you trust about what you’re feeling.
  • Think about getting tested for HIV and other kinds of hepatitis. These viruses are often passed on in the same way.
  • Learn about how Hep C is passed on, so that you can protect others and yourself. 

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