Hepatitis C Key Messages - Harm Reduction


Harm reduction key message

Everything new, every time you use. Prevent hepatitis C if you inject, smoke or snort drugs.

  • Hepatitis C can be passed if you share drug use equipment that has come in contact with infected blood.
  • Use new needles, syringes, filters, water and cookers if you inject drugs.
  • Use your own pipe or stem and mouthpiece if you smoke drugs.
  • Use your own rolled paper or straws if you snort drugs.
  • Some hepatitis C medicines can change the effects of the drugs you use, which can contribute to an overdose. If you use drugs after you start hepatitis C treatment, start slowly, use with someone you trust and keep naloxone nearby.
  • A supervised consumption site, overdose prevention site or needle and syringe program can give you information on safer drug use and how to prevent an overdose.

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