CATIE condemns anti-Muslim hate and racism


June 9, 2021

CATIE is horrified by the anti-Muslim murder in London, Ontario. This senseless act of violence is not only a crime against an innocent family, but an act of terror intended to stoke fear among Muslim communities.

Acts of violence are only the most visible forms of hate and discrimination. The roots of this incident are much deeper, and they start with racist and xenophobic attitudes, behaviours, laws and policies. We must all go beyond expressing thoughts and prayers and take concrete steps to address the roots of racism and anti-Muslim hatred.

Through our education and outreach work in immigrant and newcomer communities, we have seen how racism and xenophobia hinder access to healthcare and good health outcomes. We have learned that addressing the health needs of marginalized communities requires that we adapt our way of working and confront structural barriers to health, such as racism.

At CATIE, we are committed to working with Muslim communities in a spirit of respect, collaboration and inclusion, and we are committed to confronting anti-Muslim attitudes in all aspects of our work. Unfortunately, this incident serves as a sad reminder that we all have so much more work to do in order to root out the racism and Islamophobia that persists in our country.

CATIE sends our condolences to the loved ones of the victims and their surviving child, and we stand in solidarity with our Muslim staff, friends and colleagues against hate and discrimination.