Black Lives Matter


June 2, 2020

CATIE, Canada’s source for HIV and hepatitis C information, stands with activists across Canada, the United States and around the world fighting against anti-Black racism and police violence. Black Lives Matter.

Anti-Black racism is not an issue confined to the United States. Anti-Black racism is a pervasive and systemic problem in Canada that causes harm in many ways. We have seen this in our own work, as systemic racism in Canada has created inequities that leave African, Caribbean and Black Canadians more vulnerable to HIV infection and poor health outcomes. We have seen anti-Black racism in the disproportionate policing, criminalization and media reporting of African, Caribbean and Black people living with HIV for non-disclosure of HIV status. Furthermore, disproportionate rates of incarceration have a compounding effect on the risk of HIV and hepatitis C infection.

While video recordings of police violence have made the issue of anti-Black racism more visible, it has long been entrenched in our education, healthcare, political and legal systems. Those of us who are not Black must acknowledge the privilege that has insulated us from anti-Black racism and violence for so long.

This week, CATIE is devoting its communication platforms to the promotion of racial justice and the amplification of Black voices. Beyond this week, we are committed to facilitating ongoing education and dialogue within our own organization and in the broader HIV and hepatitis C sector to confront white supremacy and anti-Black racism. We invite our allies in the Canadian HIV and hepatitis C response to join us.