Joanne Lindsay


Director, Ontario and Nunavut region

As a Community Investigator with Dr. Ann Burchell’s ESTIMATE Lab, MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions at Unity Health Toronto, Joanne’s HIV research, advocacy and community education work focuses on understanding the link between HIV, HPV and increased cancer risks for positive people, specifically cervical, anal and oral cancers. She talks with community groups of positive people about protecting ourselves from HPV-related cancers, while exploring experiences accessing HPV and cancer prevention tools, screening procedures and treatment options for pre-cancer. She has held a variety of research, training, mentoring and program positions within Toronto’s HIV sector since 2012.

Prior to involvement with the HIV community, Joanne held community research, programming and advocacy positions within the women’s community based training sector, with various local, provincial and national agencies active in research and in the delivery of education and training programs for immigrant and refugee women, from 1987 to 2010.

Joanne is a community member of CHASRAC, CIHR’s STBBI and HIV/AIDS Research Advisory Committee. She has been Treasurer of CATIE since 2018. As a Board member of Wellesley Central Residences Inc., Joanne works with an agency and volunteer team seeking to build more affordable housing in Toronto for people living with HIV, including seniors. Joanne has a Master’s Degree in Community Development (York) and a Graduate Diploma in Community Engaged Research and Evaluation (McMaster’s School of Social Work). Engaging with the Circle of Care Peer Support Team with Toronto’s People With AIDS Foundation (PWA), Joanne has initiated a team research project on HIV stigma experienced by the positive women working as peers and/or being supported by peers in their communities.

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