Chris Aucoin


Director, Atlantic region

Chris is a health educator, and freelance writer and designer. He has a master’s degree in Educational Psychology, and a diploma in Graphic and Digital Media Design. He has a wide variety of community-based experience in health promotion and social justice work, and diverse experience in cultural industries as well. His community-based experience includes grass roots social justice advocacy work on poverty and food security issues, and human rights issues; broader community development and educational work with regard to LGBTQ+ communities; and health promotion work regarding mental health, and HIV.  He has served as volunteer, board or staff member for various ASO, cultural, or LGBTQ+ not-for-profit organizations in Nova Scotia stretching back more than three decades.

Chris has been a research assistant with several university-based health promotion research projects relating to HIV testing and prevention in Atlantic Canada. In December of 2019 he took over as Executive Director of the AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia where he has worked since 2008 doing HIV prevention programming for gay, bisexual and, more recently, transgender men. He has presented at regional and national conferences on work that he has developed or adapted for ACNS including the original and highly-regarded Check Me Out testing promotion campaign; developing Transgender-inclusive programming for a small - mid-sized regional ASO; and his rural-inclusive and province-wide adaptation (the first in Canada) of the Totally OUTright sexual health leadership training program.

Chris has been living with HIV since 1998, and his current passion is revising the script for A Boy And His Dog - his autobiographical play about the sudden death of his long-time partner, and starting over as a disabled widowed middle-aged HIV+ gay man.

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