Board of Directors



CATIE Board, 2019/20
From left: Chris Aucoin, Paulina Tshuma, Scott Elliott, Alexandra de Kiewit, Lesley Gallagher, Doris Peltier, Kirk Furlotte, Susanne Nicolay, John McCullagh, Martin Bilodeau, Darren Lauscher, Joanne Lindsay, Gerard Yetman
Not pictured: Dr. Lynne Leonard, Georgina Toutsaint (resigned November 2019)

About the CATIE Board

CATIE has a 15-member Board of Directors. Half of the positions are reserved for people living with HIV/AIDS and at least one member must have experience living with hepatitis C. Four positions are reserved for At-large directors, one position is reserved for an Aboriginal At-large director, and two positions are reserved for a member from each of the following five territorial groupings:

  • Atlantic Region (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador);
  • Quebec;
  • Ontario and Nunavut;
  • Prairies (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta) and Northwest Territories; and
  • British Columbia and Yukon.

Four of the 15 board members hold the positions of Chair; Vice-Chair; Treasurer and Secretary.


The current CATIE board members are listed below:

Category Name

At-large director

Kirk Furlotte

At-large director

Dr. Lynne Leonard

At-large director

John McCullagh (Vice-Chair)

At-large director

Lesley Gallagher

Aboriginal director

Doris Peltier

Director, Atlantic region

Chris Aucoin

Director, Atlantic region

Gerard Yetman

Director, Ontario and Nunavut Region

Joanne Lindsay (Treasurer)

Director, Ontario and Nunavut region

Paulina Tshuma

Director, Pacific region

Darren Lauscher (Secretary)

Director, Pacific region

Scott Elliott

Director, Quebec region

Alexandra de Kiewit

Director, Quebec region

Martin Bilodeau

Director, Western region

Georgina Toutsaint (resigned November 2019)

Director, Western region

Susanne Nicolay (Chair)

Honorary Members

In recognition of their outstanding contribution to the organization, the Board has awarded lifetime honorary memberships to:

Trevor Stratton

Past Vice-Chair

Terry Pigeon

Past Chair

Patrick Cupido

Past Chair

Linda Gardner

Past Co-Chair

Robert Gardner

Past Co-Chair

William Naumovich

Past Co-Chair

Brian Robinson

Past Secretary

August 2020