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Welcome! CATIE has teamed up with The Canadian Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (CANAC) to provide an extensive resource centre for HIV/AIDS related Nursing Information.

Use this site to access Practical Guides for Nursing Practice, New Drug Information - Symptom management, Clinical practice guidelines, and much more.

CATIE has collaborated with CANAC to ensure that we deliver information that is valuable to the nursing community.

You may also wish to visit the CATIE Ordering Centre, which provides free access to hundreds of HIV publications from organizations across Canada.

Basic HIV/AIDS Information

An overview of HIV infection and

Drug Information

Best resources on HIV drugs, side
effects, interactions, adherence and post-exposure prophylaxis...more

Nursing Practice

Tools to help you care for patients.
Find information on cases, clinical
care, treatment guidelines, policies
and programs by other nurses...

Links & Referrals

Find local services and links to other Web sites on HIV/AIDS...more

Interpretation of Test Results

Understanding the results of tests
used in HIV cases...more


For Your Patients

Easy to read treatment information to give to patients...more

Diseases & Conditions

Clinical resources on symptom
management, co-infections and
mental health...more

Nursing Education &

Find out about new research,
international opportunities and event and programs to help build your skills...more

Special Populations

How to meet the needs of diverse
individuals and communities affected by HIV/AIDS...more

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  Decisions about particular medical treatments should always be made in consultation with a qualified medical practitioner who is knowledgeable about HIV-related illness and the treatments in question. MORE