An HIV Treatment Talking Tool

YourDocTalk aims to help you talk to your doctor about HIV treatment. By answering a series of questions you will create a list of points to raise with your doctor. Then, together you and your doctor can work to ensure your HIV treatment plan is right for you.

YourDocTalk is available to use online and as an app for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Download it for free through the Apple App Store.




How YourDocTalk works

  1. Answer a series of questions.
    The questions are about you and your health. Feel free to skip any questions you do not feel comfortable answering. You will not be asked for your name. Information will only be used to create a custom report. It will not be kept or transmitted anywhere.
  1. Create your custom report.
    Based on your answers, YourDocTalk will build a custom report, which you can then save as a print-ready pdf or send as an email, or if you are using the app, store on your device.
  1. Talk to your doctor about HIV treatment.
    You can take the report to your doctor, and together you can discuss the points raised in the report.