The Resonance Project

The Resonance Project 

What is the Resonance Project?

The Resonance Project is a Canadian community-based research study coordinated by CATIE, with partnership support from three regional gay men’s health organizations, three national HIV/public health organizations and the University of Windsor. 

What is the study about?

We are seeking to understand what gay men think about new HIV information and how it affects their lives. We want to know: WHAT’S THE BUZZ ON HIV PREVENTION?

To do this, we conducted discussion groups and interviews with gay men and service providers in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. We asked them:

What are gay guys hearing about what’s new in HIV prevention?

How are we making sense of that information?

How is it changing the way we have sex?

We completed 15 focus groups and conducted 20 key informant interviews across Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal in early 2014. Our final phase will be to develop and pilot test communication tools that would build biomedical knowledge of HIV among gay men and their service providers in ways that resonate with them.

What’s the Buzz? Gay Men and New HIV Information – Marc-André LeBlanc (

What will be done with the results?

The information gathered will help those working in HIV prevention to identify how they can integrate new HIV information into prevention programs, resources and policies for gay men in Canada.

A summary of the research findings will also be available through CATIE (, as well as Health Initiative for Men (, REZO ( and the Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance ( We anticipate that results will be available in 2014.

Project findings

Who is behind the Resonance Project?

The Resonance Project is being conducted by:

  • Dr. Barry Adam from the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology at the University of Windsor
  • Ed Jackson, Len Tooley and James Wilton from CATIE, Canada’s source for HIV and hepatitis C information
  • San Patten from the CIHR Social Research Centre in HIV Prevention, and a consultant
  • Marc-André LeBlanc, consultant
  • Kim Thomas from the Canadian AIDS Society
  • Shayna Buhler from the Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development
  • Greg Penney from the Canadian Public Health Association
  • Wayne Robert and Jody Jollimore from the Health Initiative for Men (Vancouver)
  • Robert Rousseau and Gabriel Girard from REZO (Montreal)
  • Owen McEwen from the Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance (Ontario)

When we say “gay men”… we are including all men who engage with other men romantically or sexually regardless of their gender identity (i.e. cis men or trans men) or sexual orientation identification (i.e. gay, heterosexual, bisexual, queer, two-spirit, pansexual).

This research project is funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, HIV/AIDS Community-Based Research Program.