Pre-fix: A guide for people with Hep C or HIV who inject drugs


CATIE would like to thank the following people for working with us to help produce this guide. Their time and knowledge were invaluable and much appreciated.

Lead Author (2013 edition)

Scott Anderson

Authors (original edition)

RonniLyn Pustil


Anna Kohn

David McLay

RonniLyn Pustil

Translation (French edition only)

Alain Boutilier

Alexandra Martin-Roche

Louise Slocombe

Design and Layout

Light up the Sky


Ken Bristow

Marie-Claire Chayer, RN

Brian Conway, MD

Carla Densmore

Laurie Edmiston

Cara Hills

Sean Hosein

Ed Jackson

Hermione Jefferis

Stephanie Massey

Marvelous Muchenje

Annika Ollner

Darlène E. Palmer

Barb Panter

Tim Rogers, PhD

Trevor Stratton

Marliss Taylor

Mark Tyndall, MD

CATIE also thanks the community consultation participants from the Atlantic Community Facilitator Training Group, CACTUS, the CATIE Harm Reduction Resource Advisory Group, the Sherbourne Health Centre and especially the people living with Hep C or HIV who contributed their stories, wisdom and advice to this guide. Special thanks to Michael Bailey, Carine Bricaud, Zoe Dodd, Thomas Egdorf, Amy Muli and Jeff Rice for their assistance organizing the community consultation process.

CATIE gratefully acknowledges that information about the down kit and how sex workers can take care of themselves while working and using drugs was adapted from Stella’s Dope Guide.

Production of this publication has been funded in part by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care.

ISBN 978-1-927760-07-9