Prevention in Focus

Fall 2012 

Certainly uncertain: Challenges in communicating HIV risk

Clients often want to know how great their risk of HIV transmission is and how effectively different strategies can reduce this risk. Helping clients navigate the maze of risk-related concepts so they can make more informed decisions is a key piece of the prevention puzzle.

By James Wilton

Putting a number on it: The risk from an exposure to HIV

What do the latest studies tell us about the risk of HIV transmission from a sexual exposure to HIV? And how should we interpret and communicate the results?

By James Wilton

Views from the front lines: Communicating risk

How do you explain the concept of risk to your clients or patients? Three service providers discuss the challenges and possible solutions.

Interviews by James Wilton

NPTs: What would they mean for women?

New prevention technologies (NPTs) are often touted as tools that will give women greater control over HIV prevention. But will these tools empower women? Here we explore some reasons for optimism and skepticism.

By San Patten

HIV prevention for Aboriginal women in Canada

HIV is having a profound impact on Aboriginal women in Canada. This requires a robust, immediate and sustained response. We can and we must prevent new exposures to HIV and help prevent the too frequent rapid progression to AIDS for those living with HIV.

Hepatitis C prevention resources online: The sites you won’t want to miss

For those of you looking for reliable online information about hepatitis C prevention, here are some of our ‘go-to’ sources.

By Rachel Landauer

WHO guidelines encourage couples HIV testing and counselling and use of antiretroviral treatment for prevention

Newly released WHO guidelines encourage HIV testing and counselling to couples, support for mutual disclosure of HIV status, and offering treatment to serodiscordant couples regardless of CD4 count.

By James Wilton

CATIE’s Gay Men’s Sexual Health Knowledge Centre

Check out CATIE’s Gay Men’s Sexual Health Knowledge Centre! This online collection highlights key resources and tools for service providers who work with gay, bisexual, two-spirit, queer and other cisgender and transgender men who have sex with men.

The Programming Connection: Programs and resources

Read about selected Canadian programs and resources to help you plan, deliver and evaluate a frontline program.

Current research

Interested in checking out the latest Canadian research on HIV and hepatitis C prevention?

New prevention resources

A selection of prevention resources available from CATIE’s Ordering Centre.

Fast Facts: Youth*

Which youth populations are especially vulnerable to HIV? How many teens are sexually active?


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