Prevention in Focus

Spring 2012 

The Programming Connection: programs and resources

The Programming Connection is an online toolkit that highlights models of frontline programs that provide HIV and hepatitis C prevention, care, treatment and support. It also features a selection of resources to help in program planning, delivery and evaluation. This toolkit aims to inspire community-based service providers to develop new practices appropriate to their circumstances and facilitate knowledge-sharing and networking.

Below is a selection of Programming Connection case studies and resources you might find useful. Visit the Programming Connection to view the full collection.

Many Men, Many Voices (3MV), Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention (Black CAP)

Many Men, Many Voices, more commonly known as 3MV, is a three-day workshop designed to build community and enhance self-esteem related to racial, cultural and sexual identity among young Black men who identify as gay, bisexual and/or transgender. The Canadian version of this workshop includes tools that help address the social, emotional and psychological drivers for unsafe sex (such as depression, stress, anxiety and internalized homophobia). These tools include “self-actualization” techniques and a non-denominational spiritually themed closing ceremony.  

The PEP Program, Clinique médicale l'Actuel

The PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) Program is a unique service that administers PEP to people who believe that they may have been exposed to HIV within the past 72 hours. It is one of the only programs in Canada that offers PEP as HIV prevention for people who may have come in contact with HIV through risky sex or drug use (as opposed to occupational exposure, such as in a health-care setting). The PEP Program also offers counselling and testing for STIs, HIV and hepatitis B and C, as well as safer-sex education to all clients who come to the clinic to inquire about PEP after engaging in risky behaviour.