Programming Connection

Virgin Bathhouse Tours 

AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT)
Toronto, Ontario


No formal evaluation of the Virgin Bathhouse Tours was conducted; however, the program was immensely popular and the responses observed by the program manager and coordinators were overwhelmingly positive.

Based on comments from participants during the Virgin Bathhouse Tours, ACT believes that the project has successfully changed some participants’ attitudes toward bathhouses, increasing their capacity to have safer sex in a bathhouse environment. Nevertheless, facilitators acknowledge that they are limited in their ability to measure how long this positive effect will last and how the skills gained on the tour actually play out in bathhouse interaction.

The men who participated were not followed up with due to concerns from participants about sharing highly personal bathhouse experiences. In the event that the program is reinitiated, ACT may query new participants to ask them if the topics to be covered in the program remain relevant and if any topics should be added or expanded upon.