Programming Connection

Health Promotion Case Management Program 

AIDS Vancouver
Vancouver, BC

Why Was the Program Developed?

The STOP HIV/AIDS Pilot Project (2010–2013) re-organized the HIV system of care for people living with HIV in Vancouver Coastal Health Authority (VCH) and Prince George. As part of this pilot project, and after it received ongoing funding, VCH hosted a series of community consultations. The goal of the consultation process was to find ways to provide the necessary and appropriate HIV services sustainably. Service providers and members of affected communities were invited to participate. During the consultations, services for people living with HIV and for people at ongoing risk for HIV were discussed. One of the suggestions that emerged from those consultations was the need for an intensive case management program for HIV-negative people. A similar program, the STOP Outreach Team, already existed for people living with HIV who were not well-engaged in their treatment and care.

As a result of the consultation process and based on similar programs in the United States, the Health Promotion Case Management (HPCM) program was established in 2014 to provide intensive case management services in Vancouver and surrounding areas for people who were at high risk for HIV infection but who were known to be HIV negative or did not know their HIV status.