Programming Connection

Chronic Health Navigation Program 

ASK Wellness Centre
Kamloops and Merritt, British Columbia


An assessment conducted by ASK Wellness Centre in 2010 estimated that its case management of clients with chronic health conditions cost $46,300 but saved the City of Kamloops $81,000 in health services.

On the basis of its Streets to Homes to Health (and now to Employment) model of service, ASK Wellness tracks:

  • the number of people housed and retention in housing after six months
  • the number of referrals from ASK Wellness housing to health services
  • the number of people accessing HIV, hepatitis C and other diagnostic testing
  • the number of people supported to manage their illness
  • the number of referrals to addictions programs

ASK Wellness is currently developing measures to track the impact of its employment programs.

Success is also measured through anecdotal evidence that clients’ health and lives are improving as a result of their involvement with a health navigator.

For more information on the evidence that supports health navigation in HIV care more broadly, please consult Health Navigation: A Review of the Evidence.