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Recent updates on access to hepatitis C medications in Canada

In February 2017, the pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA), the body that represents provinces and territories in negotiations with pharmaceutical companies, reached a deal with several companies for lower prices for six hepatitis C medications.

The new deal includes asunaprevir, daclatasvir, Epclusa and Zepatier and further reduces the price for Harvoni and sofosbuvir, which had been part of a previous pricing agreement.

Press release from the pCPA

After the pCPA negotiates a deal, each province or territory decides how to implement changes to its formulary.

The following provincial governments have announced changes to their formularies:

Press release from the B.C government

Notice from the Ontario government

Press release from the Saskatchewan government

Alberta expands drug coverage for hepatitis C patients (Global News)

Quebec has added Epclusa, Zepatier and daclatasvir to its formulary

Nova Scotia expands drug coverage for hepatitis C (Pharmacare news)

For more information on hepatitis C treatment coverage, see Treatment coverage in your region.