Living well key message

  • Taking care of your emotional health will help you live better with Hep C. You can talk to someone you trust about what you’re feeling.
  • Think about getting tested for HIV and other kinds of hepatitis. These viruses are often passed on in the same way.
  • Some medicines—including ones you get from a doctor and ones you get without a prescription (over the counter)—and complementary therapies can also be hard on the liver. Talk to your healthcare worker about which ones are OK for you.
  • Fatty foods, alcohol, street drugs, cigarettes and stress are hard on your liver. If you can cut back on these, you’ll help your liver stay healthy.
  • Treatment for Hep C is important, but there are also other ways you can help your liver stay healthy, including drinking lots of water, eating as well as you can and getting enough rest. One to two cups of coffee each day may also help.
  • Learn about how Hep C is passed on, so that you can protect others and yourself. 

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