Gay Men’s Sexual Health Knowledge Centre

Tools for Program Planning and Delivery


Why reinvent the wheel when it’s already rolling?

The Tools for Program Planning and Delivery page of the Gay Men’s Sexual Health Knowledge Centre includes a collection of tools and resources that may be helpful to front-line managers and staff in the planning of programs specifically addressing the sexual health of gay/bi/2-spirit/MSM men.

Tools to Guide Program Planning

The tools listed below provide practical tips, ideas and reminders for planning programs for gay/bi/2-spirit/MSM men.

Enhancing Capacity

These resources aim to enhance service providers’ knowledge and skills in key areas related to sexual health promotion and HIV treatment and prevention with gay/bi/2-spirit/MSM men.

Other collections of materials that may be helpful for building your capacity for program planning:

Innovative Programs

Even before HIV/AIDS became a reality, queer and trans communities and their allies have engaged in creative, effective efforts to improve their sexual health. The following list highlights a diverse range of programs that have integrated innovative solutions to issues faced by a range of gay/bi/2-spirit/MSM men.

More resources

CATIE has an extensive collection of resources related to developing programs for gay/bi/2-spirit/MSM men. These resources are divided into the following categories:

If you know of a tool for program planning/delivery that specifically address gay or bi men that should be shared nationally, please contact us.