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CATIE-Produced Gay Men’s Sexual Health Resources

CATIE has produced a number of key resources related to Gay Men’s Sexual Health and HIV Prevention in Canada. This page highlights some of those resources and, below, links to an extensive collection of other CATIE-produced resources for service providers who work with gay, bisexual and two-spirit men and other men who have sex with men (MSM).


New Directions in Gay Men's Health and HIV Prevention in Canada: Pan-Canadian Deliberative Dialogue Report, 2010

CATIE, 2010

There is a growing movement in Canada and elsewhere to reframe HIV prevention among gay men in the more holistic context of their health and well-being rather than focusing solely on their HIV status and safer sex practices. A one-day satellite conference preceding the Canadian HIV/AIDS Skills Building Symposium: Leading Together in March 2010 brought together 40 community programmers, policy-makers and researchers involved in gay men’s health and HIV initiatives across the country to discuss this new direction. This report documents their deliberations and recommendations for future directions.

Re-centering our approach to gay and bisexual men’s health and HIV prevention

Prevention in Focus, Fall 2011, Issue 4

What do sports teams, spirituality discussion groups and anti-homophobia workshops have to do with HIV prevention for gay and bisexual men? This article presents current research that encourages us to look beyond HIV in our efforts to improve gay and bisexual men’s health in Canada.

The Epidemiology of HIV in Gay Men and Other Men who have Sex with Men

CATIE, 2016

This fact sheet provides a summary of the HIV epidemic in Canada among gay men and MSM. It is one of a series of fact sheets that provide easy to use epidemiological information on the state of HIV infection in Canada.

Sexual transmission of hepatitis C: Are HIV-positive gay and bisexual men at risk?

Prevention in Focus, Spring 2011, Issue 3

Research shows that the hepatitis C virus may be transmitted sexually, especially among HIV-positive gay and bisexual men. What is the evidence? Why do HIV-positive MSM appear to be at higher risk?

Advertising on the Internet: Tips & Lessons from CATIE’s On-Line Syphilis Campaign

CATIE, 2011

Between December 2010 and March 2011, CATIE nationally promoted and distributed a syphilis awareness campaign titled Attack of the Cursed Syphilis. CATIE engaged four online advertising venues – Facebook, Google, and – to drive gay, bi and other cisgender and transgender MSM to the CATIE syphilis information web page ( and report reviews the pros and cons of each of the advertising venues used and gives important tips for advertising to gay/bi/MSM men online.

CATIE’s Regional Gay Men’s Health Summit Rapporteur Projects

Annual regional Gay Men’s Health Summits are a rare opportunity for a focused discussion on gay/bi/MSM men’s health, HIV prevention and sexual health promotion in Canada. CATIE’s Gay Men’s Rapporteur Projects broaden the reach of the summit by bringing stakeholders from across Canada to these regional summits to facilitate knowledge-sharing and cross-fertilization between regions. Through this process, the high-level information presented at the summits is turned into a simple presentation that can be given to rapporteurs’ organizations, regional networks and professional communities.

CATIE’s Programming Connection Case Studies

The Programming Connection is an online tool kit that highlights models of front-line programs that provide HIV and hepatitis-C prevention, care, treatment and support. Check out the following case studies that describe programs for gay and bisexual men:

Many Men, Many Voices (3MV)

A workshop to build community and enhance self-esteem related to racial and sexual identity among young Black gay men.

Totally Outright

A sexual health leadership course that empowers young gay guys to become effective leaders in their own communities.


Takes bathhouse outreach one step further by providing professional walk-in counselling in the bathhouse, with the possibility of follow-up counselling off-site for longer-term support.

Virgin Bathhouse Tours

An educational workshop and tour of a local bathhouse, designed to empower gay men to negotiate safer sex in public sex venues.

Sex Workers Program

A street outreach program and an evening drop-in centre that provide practical assistance and social support services to over 350 men involved in the sex trade.

The PEP Program

A program to increase access to post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) among people who have been recently exposed to HIV through consensual sex or drug use.

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