Trevor Stratton (Vice-Chair)

Aboriginal At Large

Living with HIV for 23 years, Trevor is a 49-year-old citizen of the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation residing near Niagara Falls in Canada and is the father of a 29-year-old son. Trevor has been an Aboriginal HIV/AIDS activist, volunteer and consultant since 1999, often working on national Aboriginal harm reduction projects, and now works as the Liaison for Aboriginal Persons living with HIV/AIDS (APHAs) for the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (CAAN).

Since February 2011, Trevor has also had the honour of working as the Coordinator for the International Indigenous Working Group on HIV & AIDS (IIWGHA), hosted by CAAN. Trevor serves as the Vice President on the board of directors at CATIE (Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange). He is also a board member of the Inter-agency Coalition on AIDS and Development (ICAD) and Secretary of the board of the Global Network of People living with HIV/AIDS North American (GNP+NA).

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